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Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme is coming to Abuja this October.

Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme is coming to Abuja this October.

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Abuja! Are you ready?!!!
Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme is coming to Abuja this October. You still have a chance to register to participate in this extraordinary all-in-one capacity and personal development programme. So far, three states have benefited from this programme, Abuja is the next destination.

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Invitation to participate in the Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to invite you to register and participate in the Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme. The six days (weekends only) intensive capacity development and training programme will take place in Abuja between 7th and 22nd October 2017 at Baze University Abuja. The cost is N15, 000 per participant.
The Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme fills development gaps and prepares professionals to be more effective, efficient and professionals in their places of work and social environment. The programme is designed to help participants realise their strengths and weaknesses and enhance their leadership, professional and development skills.
The participants of the programme are mainly professionals that work in corporate organizations, businesses, institutions, academia, military, security, sports, social and public institutions, as well as entrepreneurs, graduates, students etc.
In the competitive 21st Century, career skills need to be complemented with discipline, character, interpersonal and social relation skills, adaptability, good manners, inspiration, self discovery, vision, meticulousness, effective communication skills, writing and reading skills, strategic thinking skills, integrity, volunteerism, selflessness, civic education, financial discipline, teamwork skills, time management, self control and management, entrepreneurial skills, and mentorship. And the Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme is designed to provide participants with all these and many more skills.
The programme was held in three states so far. The fourth edition of the programme will hold in Abuja in October 2017.
During the programme, participants will attend 40 modules, which are mix of lectures, practical, field trip, participatory learning and sharing processes etc. The registration fee of the programme is discounted at N15, 000 per participant. This fee does not include feeding and transport.
At the end of the programme, you will be much better and effective leader and professional in your environment. The followings are some of the benefits you will get if you participate in the programme:
1. You will get to know yourself more, your source and many other sources of inspirations, and to help you build life vision and focus. This entails strategic discovery of your personality, aptitude, and leadership class. You will also be familiar with inspiration boosters and killers.
2. You will also be inspired to do and achieve more in your life.
3. You will realise strategies to apply in approaching everyday situation and in achieving your goals.
4. You will build self-confidence and improve your expression and communication skills. You will improve your Attention To Detail skills too.
5. You will improve your reading skills in terms of speed, spelling and comprehension.
6. You will be able to get rid of fear in public speech and in leading or managing a large or diverse group. You will learn basics of public speech and identify speech mentors.
7. You will be able to put into practice the learnt skills in public speech through practical speech for improvement.
8. You will improve your professional writing skills especially in writing professional letters, emails, and SMS.
9. You will build team work skills, and master how to become effective team leader and in managing and adapting among diverse groups. You will be presented with the opportunity to practice the skills of effective team management.
10. You will build the skills of peer sharing and confession to drive lessons and motivation for improvement.
11. You will learn the skills of influencing and wining over people.
12. You will enhance your civic education, and know more about your and other people’s constitutional rights and responsibilities.
13. You will build the skills of strategic thinking and planning.
14. You will build your professional conducts and manners especially in interpersonal approaches, appearance, tones, and other professional etiquettes.
15. You will learn how to control emotions and temperaments.
16. You will be presented with the opportunity to meet successful leaders from different sectors and backgrounds to hear, reflect and learn directly from their successes and failures.
17. You will be taught how to develop your integrity, volunteerism and selflessness.
18. You will advance your MS office skills especially advance skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoints.
19. You will learn the real causes of leadership failures and successes from real life examples, and you will practice the leadership roles in different circumstances to help you improve leadership skills.
20. You will improve your entrepreneurship skills, and you will be exposed to many entrepreneurship opportunities. You will learn the business skills of planning and management.
21. You will improve your employability skills. You will learn how to write a competitive CV and build job interview skills.
22. You will meet with prospective employers to learn from and engage with them. You will then have a glimpse of what is required and expected for development in your chosen careers.
23. You will build skills of financial discipline and time management.
24. You will be assigned with highly influential and successful people for mentorship and guidance after the programme for a period of one month.
25. You will be assessed through a quiz examination to help you evaluate the impact and your understandings of the modules you attended. Certificates of participation will be presented to you by the consultancy firm: Millennium Prime Solutions.
If you want to register for this programme, follow this link: https://podio.com/webforms/18496076/1244733
Once you register, you will be sent admission letter containing further information and instructions. If you want to participate in the October 2017 session of the programme, register before 29th September 2017.
Follow these links to watch the reactions of some of the participants of the programme
Follow these links to view some of the pictures of the programme in Kaduna, Katsina and Kano States:
Best regards
Dr. Ahmed Adamu,
The Programme Leader (Leadership, Professional and Personal Development Programme),
Development Expert,
First Ever Global President of Commonwealth Youth Council,
University Lecturer (Economics), Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina,
08034458189, 08188949144, ahmadadamu1@gmail.com

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