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Once upon a time lived a maiden by the River of Esuk Umen. She was very beautiful and intimidating, her silky skin, her tender frame and her fine curves drove her charming physiology. All the wives of the king of Esuk Umen felt threatened.
On very market day, the maiden knowing the king will pass through the river to the market dressed in inviting apparels to the warm administration of the king, even the angels wont resist her. The wives of the King tagged her so many names; prostitute, a mermaid descendant and a queen of the Ghost. That did not deter the king to instruct that the maiden be brought before his presence in the palace. The king made her his wife and new Queen. The old Queen and the other wives served her.
Life itself captures the story of the beautiful maiden. Some persons are created to stand out, imbued with the physique, allure and quality to attract others, including Kings. No volume of blackmail, name calling and accusations can deter people from admiring them, even marrying them. In fact, the more you vilify them, the greater attention and interest they arouse.
The story of the beautiful maiden finds expression in politics. Quality, passion and performance easily stand out and no amount of tar can taint a performer's image. I recall in the early days of Governor Udom Emmanuel's aspiration to govern Akwa Ibom State, many tagged him names like stooge, political Nyadikod, Political Youth corper just to mention a few. I remember one of them who is an aide to the Governor today, he said if the Mr Udom Emmanuel becomes the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, he will use baskets to carry water. Thanks to political inclusion, he his serving in the government today. Such is the way of man. After all said and done Governor Udom Emmanuel became the Governor of the State May 29th 2015. However, the vilification, the naysaying and the persecution by the opposition has persisted. Perhaps, I was so naïve in my thoughts to imagine it will one day come to an end.
Governor Udom Emmanuel settled in and set in motion a vehicle to transform the state it from being a civil service State to a private sector driven economy. He pulled from the strenght of his contacts!The peoples Governor started by performing Ground breaking for the industries ,The first was the Automobile plant in Itu Local Government Area and in the space of three months more than four ground breaking was done and flag –off Road Constructions. The exchange rate and the economic recession slowed things down but he persisted.
The opposition who never wanted to see Governor Udom Emmanuel perform well, started criticizing and tagged him‘’Ground breaking Governor ‘’ two years after the ground breakings that this tandem of evil critics crucified the leader of the State and now breaking of the ground has given birth to many industries .
Today in the land of Promise, there is Jubilee Syringes, Metering Solution Company, Tooth Pick/Pencil factory , Jubilee Flour Mill, Garri Mills in three Senatorial District etc just to mention a few .
These Pharisees, who are too far to see any good in good but continually extract evil from good even when there is none . Now that the ground breaking is giving birth to industries , they have started another line of lies against the Governor ,Why is he building three factories in Onna and only one in Uyo? Why is the Government taking the Coconut Refinery to Mkpat Enin why did he not locate it in Uyo ?
Why Governor Udom Emmanuel building switch station that should be built by the Federal Government? Yet they are enjoying the 22 hours power supply without switching off the power in their homes ,what a level of hypocrisy? Even when they blackmailed the Governor for Producing Pencil that has the trade mark of made in China , they were the first to send text messages to the Governor pleading with him to grant their children employment in the factory. Very sad.
Some of them just criticize any move of the Governor , not because it is wrong but are afraid because his record performance cannot be compare with the performance of the failed APC led Government . So they have conspired among themselves to ridicule and demonized the good projects and policies of the Governor to dissuade the minds of the masses from further seeing him as a productive leader . But has this initiative really worked ?
Instead the people of Akwa Ibom State's love towards their leader is on the increase , day after day he is getting applause from the youth who are gainfully employed in those factories and the motorists who are plying the completed Eket- Ibeno Road , Information Drive ,Etinan-ndon-eyo ,Ikot Udom Road , Nda Nsit Road ,Ikot Okim Ikono Road ,Bassey avenue, Awanasin street , Efiat lane and Street ,Ikot Usop-Ikot Edehe just to mention few are singing the praises of God Udom Emmanuel and their praises are wining more soul for the political Ministry .
In the past, indigenes were always accusing leaders of being indulgent in fetish worship and rituals, today Akwa Ibom State has a leader whose Christian virtues is exemplary. Because they have sworn to condemn every good strides of the Government ,his continuous indulgence in praying to God to divinely bring prosperity upon the state has become an abomination before the opposition .
They criticize him of veering off Governance to religious festivities , those that listen to them vomits this venom on social media wondered if truly Praying can become a sin ,if having a leader who is a born again Christian can be that hurting to people .
I remember overhearing a woman say at Urua Akpan Andem, for being a true Christian my Governor I will vote for you , this is the image the opposition are fighting hard to destroy , they know the church in the State forms 89 percent of voters in Akwa Ibom State and if the Governor is allowed to walk away with such beautiful image they are doomed in 2019.
So they hire all forms of men, with low minds to destroy that image which is indestructible, the recent among them is the failed Abati firm, who even with PHD could not manage the image of our former national leader and because of his quackery in image laundry he led the only South –South Nigerian President to Political abyss .
Abati who is frustrated with an EFCC logo on his neck , could not resist the little naira and kobo presented to him to do the work of demonizing the good Christian image of the Governor and also blackmail the leadership of Churches in the State to see reasons to hate Governor Udom Emmanuel and divorce the cordiality existing between the Christian world and the Government of the Day .
Just like a frog without Shame , Dr Abatti chose to dance naked ,as far as his wife can cook him some pot of Banga Soup from his earnings , he was in for business . But let me allow the sweating pig to continue to roll in the mud of his self –destruct , as his write up done him no good but it has sent his dim image more closer to the grave .
Just like the maiden who lives by the River of Esuk Umen, the actions of her persecutors made her the Royal Queen of Esuk Umen , those demonizing every project of Governor Udom Emmanuel intention is to make him look evil before the people so that he will not return in 2019 as Governor have failed.
But this is not working as the resources they expended is helping in making Governor Udom Emmanuel more popular and acceptable by the people .Today at every nook and cranny of the State the citizens are endorsing the Governor to run for second term .
If the opposition can criticize the Governor for going to the market to see the deplorable State of the market and for seeking ways to improve the lives of traders, then the opposition can criticize anything. The influence of the opposition (if any) is dying off gradually and Akwa Ibom people know the truth. The performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel is amazing and he has neutralized them softly with his strides.

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