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Fans React: ‘I Suspect Their Elder Brother’ To Psquare Split-Up

Fans React: ‘I Suspect Their Elder Brother’ To Psquare Split-Up

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Since the termination letter purportedly sent by Peter Okoye of the Psquare group surfaced online, a lot has been said by Nigerians as to what could have happened to the music group they hold dear to their hearts.
Just this morning, a video emerged of the brothers, Paul, Peter and their elder brother/manager, Jude facing off in their lawyer’s office.
The termination letter earlier surfaced was directed to Festus Keyamo chambers.
Some Nigerians think the brothers are doing it to gain publicity for what might be another album or the fight could be real altogether.
Below are some of the reactions;
When everyone is worried about Psquare splitting up, but you don't know which of the Twin is Peter or which is Paul.
Actually thought PSquare had already split. Or was that semi finals last year?
The attention has shifted away from Peter, Paul & Jude, Psquare's fans are now attacking on Lola 😭😭😭
My Gawd🙆🏻 Nigerians are amazing😂😂😂😂
Before Psquare breaks up,they should come and tell us why they made us believe that Onyembunobi was Ifunanya’s surname.
When a broke, unemployed & single person starts tweeting about the whole Psquare issue

So PSquare finally separated. Not painful tho but not motivating. I'll just have to switch my focus to SKUKI now.
E be like say na this Jude guy abi na Judas Okoye be the culprit for this psquare quanta.

I dey suspect am.

Something tilapia about him.
After the Desola nudes scam yesterday, I'm not even remotely interested in a Psquare who keep washing their dirty linen in public
Checking out reactions to this PSquare trending issue has clearly shown the deep prejudices that exists around inter ethnic marriages.
I'm on Peter's side in this matter, tbh. If you don't like my wife, mother of my kids, even if it's just because of me, you're mad.

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